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Well Drilling

Well Drilling

Water is one of the most valuable resources in the world and fortunately there is an abundant supply in Ireland.
95% of bottled water brands come from drilled wells (boreholes).

welldrillingDrilling your own domestic well ensures a sustainable supply of clean safe water. Once you have paid for the well and pump system,
your only cost will be electricity to run the pump, this cost is minable.

We can arrange to have a Diviner (dowser) to visit your site and
Divine for water or alternatively we can recommend / arrange for
a hydro geologist who will conduct a geophysical study of your site.

If a well is constructed properly and to a high standard, using proper well casings & screens, it should last a life time.
How your well is drilled and constructed is very important, if not carried out correctly, it could pollute the underground store of water (the aquifer).

There are grant’s available from the County Council’s in certain cases.

The value of the grant is 75% of the overall cost of completed work, maximum of €2,031 payable by the County Council.

Grant Details

Please click on links below to your relevant Council or Contact Us for application forms and quotation.

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